Dog Daycare

Does your pup have lots of energy? Wondering if your pup could use some socialization? Let your pooch play in our spacious indoor and outdoor play areas with other canine friends while you’re at work or just busy throughout the day. All playgroups are designed with size and play style in mind and are fully supervised by attentive, trained caregivers.


We take the safety of the pets in our care very seriously, so each dog must first complete a Meet & Greet to ensure that they are a good fit for daycare. Book your dog's Meet & Greet today!


Dog Lovers Love Bluebonnet Bunk'n Biscuit

●       5 spacious outdoor play yards including ultra-clean and soft turf designed just for dogs to romp and have fun

●       Climate-controlled indoor play space with state-of-the-art anti-microbial, slip-resistant flooring for inclement weather

●       Dogs are separated by size and playstyle, with a group for every breed and personality

●       Our Meet & Greet process ensures daycare guests are comfortable and well-suited for group play

●       Groups are supervised 100% of the time by staff highly trained in industry-best off-leash play programs

●       Ideal staff-to-dog ratios for all daycare groups

●       Plenty of rest opportunities for relaxation and recharging

●       Double fencing and 24-hour perimeter & internal security

●       Kiddie pools for a splash of fun on hot days

●       Convenient covered drop-off/pickup portico

●       Fun events - we love to host private and seasonal events, including birthday parties, holiday festivities, pool parties, and more

●       Conveniently located on the northbound access road of I-35 at Exit 174A, between FM1518 and Schertz Pkwy.

Bring your dog back to school!

Brown and white dog holding yellow ball with two dogs following.
Dog with their head out car window
Seven dogs sitting and standing by each other.

Daycare Pricing & Packages

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Add-Ons +

  • Spa Services

  • Training

  • Treats

  • Puppy Postcard

  • Individual Playtime

  • Cuddle and Storytime

  • Brain Games

  • Birthday and Gotcha Day Parties


Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Daycare is a unique place where dogs can socialize, expend energy, and have fun in a safe and fully-supervised environment. Our caregivers ensure safe play and good manners, but dogs are free to run, play, and rest as they see fit. Because of this, all of our friendly, social dogs get to do what they do best: have fun!

Daycare offers a range of benefits for both pets and owners that can’t be found anywhere else.

●       Mental & physical stimulation. Long periods of boredom can lead to undesirable effects such as anxiety, hyperactivity, and chewing. Daycare is a safe outlet for your dog to spend energy and enjoy attention from both dogs and humans.

●       Socialization is essential. Group play is a safe place for your dog to meet other dogs (and humans) and hone their social skills. Studies show properly socialized dogs have increased confidence and better behavior.

●       It’s good exercise. Playing with fellow dogs keeps your dog active and physically fit. Dogs of all ages and sizes benefit from regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. We have playgroups for all ages and activity levels.

●       Safety rules! All daycare guests are required to pass a behavioral assessment ahead of time to ensure pups are playing with friendly dogs his own size and temperament. At all times, dogs are supervised by highly-trained staff and protected by our extensive security measures, including facility-wide fencing and cameras. Plus, every member of our daycare staff undergoes thorough training in industry-best off-leash practices.


Convenient, All-Weather Fun

We’re located on the northbound access road of I-35 at Exit 174A, right between FM1518 and Schertz Parkway. Our guests come from all over the greater San Antonio area.

Our visitors can enjoy an efficient check-in/check-out process under our covered portico, and frequent guests can take advantage of special daycare packages.

With five outdoor yards over a beautiful acre of land and 6,000 square feet of climate-controlled indoor play space, Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit has fun for all dogs in all weather conditions.

All dogs are fully supervised and enjoy activities suited for each playgroup, including top-of-the-line playground equipment and kiddie pools. If your dog isn’t a social butterfly, we can offer individual daycare.

Call us today to schedule your Meet & Greet. 

Dog Laying On Bed

The Importance Of Resting

Routine rest time during daycare is not only important to the health of your pet, but also for the safety of the entire pack. Resting refers to the downtime in between playtimes during daycare. This gives your pet a chance to recuperate so they do not exhaust themselves before their visit comes to an end, which is especially important for our full day guests. Additionally, resting significantly decreases the chances of injuries within the pack. Just like with humans, rest allows for both mental and physical recovery, for their overall health and wellbeing.

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