DIY Pet Costumes for Halloween

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time already to think about costumes for those spooky parties and Trick or Treat adventures. Whether you coordinate a perfectly orchestrated theme or everyone goes as their own best creation, be sure to include your pets in the planning. There’s nothing like a dressed-up dog or clever cat costume to elevate the cuteness quotient in your ensemble.

Before you start putting costumes together, ask yourself a few questions to help guide your decision-making. First of all, what type of costume will your dog or cat tolerate wearing? It won’t matter how clever your creation is if your pet won’t wear it for longer than five seconds. Safety comes first, and even the cutest pet costumes can slide around or come apart and become a choking hazard. To avoid any mishaps, always supervise the costume-wearing and never leave your dressed-up pet unattended. Be ready to snap some quick photos in case it doesn’t stay on for long.

Next, decide how crafty you really are. If you have multiple sewing machines and a spare room that resembles the sequin section at Hobby Lobby, you probably already have multiple pet costume ideas and few reservations about jumping into a new project. If you’re more of the I-don’t-sew-and-can’t-find-my-glue-gun type, you’ll be happier with a simple plan. The combinations are endless — a tiara and a tutu for a pretty princess, a lion’s mane for an instant king of the jungle, a colorful handkerchief worn around the neck, bunny ears, bat wings, or an oversized tag that simply attaches to your pet’s collar, like Ty Beanie Babies.

●       Similar to a person’s fingerprint, a dog’s nose print is unique and is sometimes used as identification.a roundup of ideas for book and movie characters, adorable desserts, rocket ships and more. Some of the funniest outfits can be put together with items from around the house. If you have an old e-collar lying around, add some colored balls or rings and a fake spoon and you have a giant bowl of cereal with a doggie face in the middle. Or if your pet already has short dark hair, you can use non-toxic glow-in-the-dark paint directly on the fur to resemble a spooky skeleton.

●       Dogs are known for their legendary sense of smell, and with good anatomical reason. Their noses have as many as 300 million receptors, while humans have about 5 million.

●       Evidence from a Bloodhound’s remarkable sense of smell is admissible as evidence in a court of law. Send us your best shots on our Facebook page and you could win! We can’t wait to see your precious pets all dressed up and ready for tricks and treats!

●       When it comes to taste buds, people are the top dogs. Humans have approximately six times more taste buds than dogs, around 9,000 vs 1,700. While some dogs are picky eaters, their overall tendency to eat even questionable fare comes from ancestral instincts when the species survived as scavengers in the wild.

●       Research indicates that dogs are color blind but see more colors than just black and white. Dogs can see blue and yellow pretty clearly, but have trouble distinguishing between red and green, similar to humans who are color blind.DIY Pet Costumes for Halloween

●       More than half of U.S. presidents have had at least one dog during their time at the White House. And then there’s Calvin Coolidge, who had at least 12!Ready-made pet Halloween costumes are available in stores, but for special memories, consider a DIY pet costume project to show your creativity.

●       Rin Tin Tin, the famous German Shepherd, was rescued from a bombed-out dog kennel in France during World War I. After the war he was brought back to the U.S., where he (and his offspring) starred in 27 movies, and he was nominated for an Academy Award.

●       The only dog breed ever named after a fictional person is the Dandie Dinmont Terrier. The breed’s namesake is a character in the novel Guy Mannering, by Sir Walter Scott. pet news, pet articles, pet care info, pet care information, pet blog, pet tip and tricks, blog about pets, animal blogs, pet parent blogs, animal lover blogs, blogs about dogs, blogs about cats, pet costumes, pet halloween, dog halloween, cat halloween, DIY costume, dress-up pets, funny pet

●       The Australian Shepherd is an American breed, not Australian. And the Labrador Retriever is originally from Newfoundland, an island near the Labrador Territory in Canada.

●       A Greyhound can beat a cheetah in a race, depending on how long the race is. The cheetah can run up to 70 mph for about thirty seconds, but a Greyhound can run 35 mph for up to seven miles. So the cheetah would win a short sprint, but the Greyhound would prevail in a longer race.

●     You don’t need the scientific method to prove there’s something special about our wonderful canine companions. And the fact of the matter is that as long as we’re willing to learn, dogs will always have something to teach us about ourselves and the world around us.