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Dog Guest FAQ:

What is Open Play?
Open play is what you think of when you imagine doggie daycare. We provide our canine guests with state of the art bunks and suites where they can rest for break time during the day, enjoy their meals and snacks and get a good nights sleep. Open play matches dogs of similar size and play style into small groups where they can socialize, sniff, run, jump and make new friends.

What is a Bunk Leader?
A bunk leader is the human caregiver for each group of dogs at the Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit.

How many dogs are in each group?
Each group of dogs will have no more than 15 play members.

Are groups ever left unattended?
No. At the Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit, all playgroups are supervised 100% of the time. While nobody anticipates problems, we never want to be more than a reach away in case there’s a misunderstanding.

Are boarding dogs kept out all day?
We allow rest time and a mid morning snack as well as a mid afternoon break and snack. Rest assured though, the better part of the day is spent playing!

What will you do if my dog doesn’t like the open play group concept?
If our professional evaluators see that your dog is better suited to traditional boarding, we can refer you to a faciity that is a better fit for your pet.  Before your dog's first stay with us, a pre-stay assessment will be required.  This is a 3 hour session that is free of charge to you from 8:00am-11:00am and by appointment only.  After all vaccinations have been verified, please set your appointment for your furry friend to come meet with our staff evaluator. Please note:  due to the nature of our supervised play group concept, dogs that do not pass their assessment will be referred to in-home care or another facility that can better accomodate their needs.

Do you have an outdoor area, or only indoor care?
We have several large outdoor areas used for potty breaks and playtime. We have a front outdoor waiting area complete with a seating area, and several large play areas behind our bunk building. Our outdoor areas total over 1 acre of play scape.

Do you provide indoor/outdoor runs for boarding?
We are a bunk and suite only facility, providing indoor accommodations for our guests. We do not provide traditional indoor/outdoor kennel runs. We provide top of the line Mason Company professionally crafted and dog safe bunks, many with adjoining doors in a luxurious indoor boarding atmosphere. Our guests enjoy outdoor time throughout the day in our 100% supervised doggie daycare FREE OF CHARGE. Our suites are private rooms with tiled walls and webcam service.  Stop in for a tour anytime from 630am-11am and from 2pm -6:30pm, no appointment necessary!

Is your facility climate controlled?
Our entire 17,000 square feet of play area, training, boarding, and retail is air conditioned and heated.

What is rolled rubber flooring?
To alleviate stress on joints and feet, we’ve installed professional grade rubber flooring in our indoor play area. This is very similar to what can be found at some playgrounds and fast food play areas. It is a semi permanent installation including safety sealant to provide moisture barrier preventing messes from penetrating floor.

How do you clean your rubber flooring?
The rubber floors are sealed to provide a moisture barrier. Liquids and solids can be cleaned with ease and the sealant is reapplied as necessary.

Will my dog play inside or outside?
Weather permitting all dogs are allowed both indoor and outdoor playtime in about a 50/50 ratio. During inclement weather, we will provide frequent, but short potty breaks and primarily play inside.  When the weather is nice, we have found dogs like to be outside and we happily accommodate that desire.

How do you disinfect your play areas, bunks and suites?
We use only a 100% non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaner in all areas of the BnB. Our environmentally friendly products clean and disinfect without use of harsh chemicals. We are a bleach free facility! All bunks, suites and condos are cleaned first thing each morning and as needed throughout the day. Our outdoor play areas are kept free of feces by collecting and disposing immediately upon occurrence. Our indoor rubber flooring is professionally sealed and is spot cleaned immediately upon bathroom occurrence and completely cleaned nightly with a large disinfecting floor machine.

What items should I bring with my pet?
We encourage you to bring a few items that will help your family member be the most comfortable. Please feel free to bring treats, toys, clothing or blanket if desired. None of your pets personal items will be shared with other BnB guests.  Keep in mind that sometimes bowls get broken or chewed.  Keep very special items at home.  Please limit toys and chew items to 3 per guest.  PLEASE only use non flexible and non retractable leashes while at the Bluebonnet Bunk'n Biscuit.  We request that you only use standard leashes up to 6 ft in length.  For your safety and the safety of your dog, please do not use a retractable leash while at Bluebonnet Bunk'n Biscuit.

Should I bring my own food?
We require you to bring your own food to minimize intestinal distress to your pet. If you forget your food, we will provide you with a recommendation for high quality, grain free food which you can buy at our facility to feed to your pet while they stay at the BnB.  We have many foods to choose from, but all are from facilities that do not source any grains or proteins from China.  All our recommended foods we carry have been vetted by our ownership team and come from human grade manufacturing facilities.

What methods do you take to prevent illness in guests and what vaccinations do you require?
All canine guests must have had the following vaccinations: Rabies, DHLPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospriosis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza), Bordetella and Canine Influenza.  We require proof in the form of veterinary records for vaccinations.  We visually inspect all guests coming into the BnB for fleas, ticks and any signs of contagious disease.  Should your pet not be up to date on vaccinations, or is ill at the time boarding is required, we recommend you use our in home pet sitting service rather than boarding.  If you have any questions about required vaccinations, please call us - we are happy to help!  210-655-2865

Do you have any restrictions on the breeds you will accept for boarding or doggie daycare?
No, we accept all breeds and judge a dog on the merits of his temperament. When a guest comes to the Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit they are assessed based on standards outlined by the recognized temperament testing protocol and administered by a staff evaluator.

Can my unspayed or unneutered pet stay at the Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit?
We advocate and encourage strongly the spaying and neutering of all pets for both behavioral and medical well being.  Un-neutered male dogs over 6 months of age will not be eligible to stay at Bluebonnet Bunk'n Biscuit.   We do not accept unaltered (male or female) cats for boarding.


FAQ for Cat Guests:

Do cats play in open play groups like dog guests?
Our cat guests do not commingle. Cats are not pack animals and do not do as well in group play with other cats outside their family unit.  We allow cats to come out individually or with their own family members to stretch their legs and enjoy our climbing structures for a portion of each day.

What kind of cat boarding cages do you have?
We have the top of the line Raintree Cat Condos which boast comfortable vertical space complete with lounging shelves. Our cat room has three large windows, two of which look out to the front outdoor waiting area and large pecan tree.

How are cats kept happy and stimulated during their stay?
Each cat (or family group of cats) will be given at least one 20 min play and stretch session outside of their large condo daily. As booking level permits, we will provide more time. They can climb on the provided cat stations, play in and on our Catty Stacks and enjoy viewing our 55 gallon fresh water cichlid tank. If you prefer that your cat not be allowed out of their condo, we will provide interaction through vocal stimulation and petting (if the cat is comfortable with touch).

Are cats and dogs boarded in the same area?
No! Our cat room is at the front of our building and adjacent to our retail area. It is completely separate from our dog boarding area. Cats will see some of our dog guests coming and going through the front area, but are kept in their own room. If your cat is particularly frightened of dogs, we suggest requesting the cat condo’s without window viewing option.

What vaccinations does my cat need before boarding and when?
NOTE: We do accept Titer Tests in lieu of vaccinations if test is done no sooner than 30 days prior to boarding. All feline guests are required to have an FVRCP (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia) and Rabies vaccination annually or a titer test within 30 days prior to boarding showing effective antibody presence.

What should I bring for my cat?
Please feel free to bring anything that will help keep your furry family member comfortable. We encourage you to bring favorite blanket or towel, toys and bowls.  Please keep toys to a limit of 3 per guest and keep all very special items and breakable items at home.

Should I bring my cat’s food?
We require you to bring your cat’s regular diet to avoid intestinal distress. Should you forget your food, we can provide you with a suggestion for your cat from our retail area.  PLEASE transport all cats in and out of our facility in a carrier of some kind (carboard, approved airline pet bag, or plastic crate - in a pinch, a pillow case or carboard box will suffice).

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